Monday, November 22, 2010

Loi Krathong Festival

We were invited to a party for  some Thai friends. It is a festival which happens every full moon night of November in Thailand and places where  Thai people are living like here in Kauai. The festival called "Loy Kratong Day". Loy means "to float" and Kratong means "leaf cup". Everyone has a lantern usually made of banana leaf  (which I did try to help my Thai friend while she was making it for us). The leaf cup is used to hold a candle which we  put in the water to float and go away with our wishes. We had a magical night light!


People putting their lanterns on the water

Beautiful thai outfits

The two sisters

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  1. Ola
    Bom dia, olha passando por aqui de novo!
    legal essas imagens da festa oriental.

    Estou em Curitiba.
    Curitiba e uma cidade muito bonita digo na arquitetura historica do centro da cidade.
    porem chove muito, e esta sempre fria mesmo no verao.
    Um abraçao
    Fica com Deus

    Rob Robson