Sunday, March 14, 2010

A little Hawaiian history

In 1898 the Hawaiian islands became part of the United States even though  the hawaiian people were against it. They liked the way it was. They loved their Queen and the royal family. They fought to protect the monarchy and their home. Many died fighting  and many were put in jail. The Queen's palace was taken  and she was arrested. It is a shame what they did with the hawaiian nation after they were  received  with open arms and  treated as the same as hawaiians.  In my opinion It was like these: "I stay in your house and  I like it very much. I tell you that I like your house and I would like to have it and you don't have a choice. You give me your house or you go to jail." The hawaiians were prohibited to do their dancing, their luaus and from speak their own language, their culture were  taken from them and anybody who tried to confront the new law would go to jail or pay with their own life. Many hawaiians forgot about important traditions, but many would confront the law and kept  their heritage a live. Thanks to those brave people the hawaiian culture survived and today  it is stronger than ever. The hawaiian culture is so rich and so beautiful! I am deep in love  with Hawaiians.

Photos of Queen Liliuokalani. The last Hawaiian Queen.


  1. Beautiful and exotic queen, i love these all exotic historys r so inspiring *.*

  2. Oi Lina, adorei saber mais um pouco sobre o povo Havaiano, achei mto interessante a história.
    Tb Adorei o quadrinho que seu menino pintou, é assim que vai tomando gosto ... rsrsrs ...
    Waleria Lima

  3. Thank you for your interesting history, and your enjoyable blog.